Pet Baskets Collection

For the most important member of your family, we have the perfect pet basket.

Because we make to order we can make the size and shape you need in willow colours that suit.  We don’t charge any extra for bespoke custom made pet baskets and are happy to give advice and help you with the design.

We make extra-large sizes; double baskets with separate sections for each pup; baskets on legs; oval and round as well.  We make baskets to fit a particular space or a particular pet.

We use good thick chunky Somerset willow to make the basket strong and durable; it will keep its good looks for many years and can easily be washed.

For our friendly, professional advice and to discuss your basket requirements, please email or call Alison on 01294 829012.

by the way…

There are four naturally produced colours of willow.

The greenish tone you can see in the cosy cat basket above is known as ‘green’ or ‘brown’ willow – ‘green’ when it is freshly cut and ‘brown’ when it has dried out.  (We refer to it as green willow in our descriptions because of the colour).  The actual colour of the ‘green’ willow depends on the variety of willow: many varieties like the one we use, salix triandra, are greeny brown, but there are red and yellow varieties too.  The organisation basketry & beyond have a lovely website with more information about willow and basketmaking.

If you take ‘brown’ willow and boil it for a couple of hours the bark takes on a darker colour – we call this ‘steamed’ willow.

If you take ‘green’ or ‘brown’ willow and boil it for about 10 hours then strip off the bark it becomes ‘buff’ willow – as in the top opening pet carrier above.

The final colour ‘white’ is produced by stripping willow once the sap has risen in the spring – as soon as the new buds start to appear.  The sap gives it the white colour.